Lock Out, Locked In

May 20, 2011 by Karren
Filed under: Miami Dolphins, NFL 

The news coming from both the NFL and the Players Association is not good.  We are in for a long haul.  Training camp seems to be a probable no go.  At the onset of this, many insiders apparently considered not having a settlement before training camp a 5% chance.  That number is growing to a 30 to 40% chance.  The effect of this lockout is felt much more by teams like the Miami Dolphins who do not have any offense  positions  “locked down” so to speak.  Therefore, with  quarterback Chad Henne as a maybe, runners Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams uncertain, receivers??  There simply won’t be time to get anyone in to see what may be out there in terms of rookies or journeymen.  Trouble.  For teams like the New England Patriots, not so bad.  They can insert players at different positions late in the standoff.  They will have a true starting team to field.  This will make the league less balanced.  Fans get hurt, players get hurt.  NFL (Not Feeling Love)

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