It’s Timmy Time

October 14, 2011 by Karren · Leave a Comment
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When the NFL 2011 schedule was released, there was early interest in whether Florida Gator fans would come out for the Miami Dolphin/ Denver Bronco game just to see former great Gator  QB Tim Tebow.  That was still when Denver did all they could do to get Kyle Orton as their quarterback.   They got their wish, but with Orton completely flat, the Bronco coach inserts Tebow into the lineup late in the Charger game.    After his almost miracle comeback win against the San Diego Chargers last week, Tebow has now been awarded starting quarterback role just in time to play the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium in their next home game.  This is truly  Hollywood script.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Who’d have thought that the then 3rd string quarterback all but left for maybe mop up duty would be moved up to starter?  For ticket sales at Sun Life Stadium this is a miracle.  The Miami Dolphins should send the Chargers a thank you note and gift basket.  Meanwhile, the Gator Nation is thrill city.  It’s their chance to see Timmy Touchdown in person and playing the most important role.  Whether  or not not it’s enough to sell 15,000 tickets is still in question, but either way, you can be at Sun Life, and start counting Gator Jerseys vs. Dolphin Jerseys.  The roar of the crowd will be worth the price of admission.  Very few players on their own bring people into any arena.  LeBron, Shaquille O’Neal, Brett Favre,  Michael Jordan, and yes right now Tim Tebow.  While the Miami Dolphins may not have so much to cheer for, Sun Life Stadium and the “Gator Fans” do.  It will be fun to come out to count Jerseys: Gators vs. Dolphins.  It really should be loud and fun.  Worth coming out for.

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