Look Left/ Look Long

July 28, 2010 by Karren · Leave a Comment
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Jake Long of the Miami Dolphins is left:  left tackle, and he is impressive.  Some of the greats who have played in the the NFL,  and numerous Pro Bowls have taken note of Jake.  Anthony Munoz and Richmond Webb are giving Jake Long high praise.  Quarterbacks love a good left tackle, and the 3rd year mountain man from Michigan has really got it.  He’s getting better, and consistently guys say he’s doing a tremendous job.  The Lock Down job Long does makes passing for Chad Henne, and Chad Pennington much easier.  Remember, last year Pennington got knocked out on the right side by San Diego’s Kevin Burnett, not the left area where Long dominates.  Dolphins coach Tony Sporano marvels at Jake Long too. He’s gained six pounds of muscle and still lowered his body fat percentage this off season. I wish I could say the same.  Energy and a great mind set.  Domination.  He’s a special guy who really comes to play, and we can’t wait for the Dolphin NFL season to start.  Go LONG!! Buy Miami Dolphin tickets

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